ABOUT CURTIS SCOTT  |  Curtis Scott is a Chicago-based dog trainer with 15+ years of experience. His balanced and affordable approach effectively rehabilitates aggressive and difficult dogs, especially pit bulls. Curtis is well-known in the Midwest for his work improving animals’ quality of life.

Curtis Scott, Chicago Dog Trainer



Curtis is driven to enhance the human-to-canine relationship in an effort to increase the quality of life for all dogs. He utilizes compassionate training methods to help owners develop a positive and controlled rapport with their dog. Curtis is an expert at decoding dog body language and translating it in a simple and easy manner. This skill helps owners react appropriately to their dog's specific outlook and needs, preventing confusion for both the owner and the dog. Curtis knows that with kindness, understanding, and compassion you can achieve your goals for your companion and embrace your life together.


  1. Never correct a dog when you're mad.

  2. A reward is proven more effective in teaching a desired behavior than punishment.

  3. Never physically harm your dog.

  4. It's better to teach your dog what you want it to do rather than to focus on what you don't want it to do.

  5. The most important command you can teach your dog is the recall command; it can be life saving.

  6. Just like people, a dog needs at least one hobby, class, or extracurricular activity to properly maintain its mind.

  7. Don't ever leave your dog unattended. Anywhere. Dogs can easily be stolen out of backyards, from cars, or when tied up outside in public places. You don't want to risk never seeing your dog again.

  8. Take off your dog's collar when it's crated as a safety precaution.

  9. Don't subject your dog to extreme weather conditions. Just because it's a dog doesn't mean it can withstand very hot or very cold temperatures.

  10. Can't get the problem resolved? Neither can many other people. Call a professional trainer or behaviorist before you give up.

FINAL FAREWELL  |  Click here to learn more about Curtis' non-profit, Final Farewell.  

By recognizing death and the magnitude of how much our nation’s shelter animals are in need, we will create more awareness of the importance of helping, whether it be to foster, adopt, donate, volunteer or simply share an animal via social media. In this way, the honoring of death can help inspire the saving of lives. 


Over the years, Curtis has worked as an advocate to help end pit bull fighting. He has collaborated with Cease Fire, the Lake County Sherriff’s Office, the Cook County Sherriff’s Department, and the Humane Society of the United States, including repeatedly testifying in court as a professional witness. Additionally, Curtis was instrumental in rehabilitating the fighting dogs that were rescued in 2007 from the largest ring in Illinois history. Curtis is an advocate for community outreach in the form of canine education; he regularly visits senior centers and schools, and conducts seminars and workshops for local rescues and humane societies. Curtis is well-respected in the Midwest, as he works collaboratively with everyone from board members to volunteers, sharing his knowledge and educating about canine body language, personality, obedience, behavior modification, aggression, anxiety, nutrition, and effective adoption procedures. He has held many seminars for PAWS Chicago, South Suburban Humane Society, and Will County Humane Society, among others.