Curtis Scott, owner of Canis Familiaris, has a reputation for working with multiple organizations dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of animals through rescue, rehabilitation, training, education and outreach. He is located in Chicago at 1532 N. Western Avenue.

He has an extensive background with over 15 years of hands-on training experience, with a specialty in working with and rehabilitating aggressive or difficult dogs, especially pit bulls. He offers in-home training, behavior assessments, group classes, seminars and intensive training programs.

BARK IN THE PARK CLASS!! LAST CLASS FOR THE YEAR Date:Oct 11th to Nov 8th Location: Horner Park. California Ave and Irving Park RD Time: 12:00P to 1:00P Price: $180 The goal of this REAL LIFE course is to help both dog and owner to adjust to real life distractions and teach appropriate ways of handling your dog in those situations. Basic obedience, loose leash walking skills,behavior modification techniques for walking a difficult reactive dog and distraction work will be the main focus. Register: by using the Pay Pal option at the bottom of this page or email me at csdogtrainer@gmail.com.

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